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New labels to show more our grower champagne identity

It’s time for a makeover for our 4 historic cuvées! There is more space to highlight our identity as a grower champagne, and more particularly the terroir, since our vineyard extends over a unique terroir, Vincelles, hence this beautiful topography in relief in a sleek design.


A grower champagne identity finalized by the signature on the side: «Independent grower champagne» justifying that our champagnes are well elaborated only with our grapes, by our care, in our own cellar. A signature in color to distinguish each of our 4 cuvées:


In red, the Brut Tradition becomes «L'Essence de Terroir» to remind that it is this cuvée, a key-reference of our range. 


The Demi-Sec Tradition has the same name, but with blue edging, because it is the same vintage, but dosed more so that it can be tasted with sweeter dishes and especially desserts.


The Extra-Brut is called «Fraîcheur du Coteau», the idea being to remind that this champagne was created to have the pleasure of freshness. The green color that reminds a little of the ice-green color of the old model.


The Rosé is clearly, in our mind, the «Ame de la rive droite»: this blend rosé vinified with a gourmet red wine from the sunny Meunier of the right side of the river and its South exposure.


In addition, there are shorter and more elegant necklabels, which you will also find on the Millesime Edition and on the Brut Nature.



Good (re)tasting, perhaps even better, because as my grandmother always said: «We taste with the eyes before tasting with the palate».

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