Vigneron indépendant HVE
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Our Vineyard

We create our champagne from A to Z, the work in vines the to the commercialization of our line.

Our house of champagne and our vines are both situated at Vincelles (Marne region) at the heart of the Marne valley.

Our vineyards cover almost 8 hectares, 99% of our vines grow on the sun-soaked hills of Vincelles (Marne, France), where our family has lived and worked for generations.
There are three varieties: 70% pinot meunier, 15% pinot noir and 15% chardonnay. Half of the vines on our land were grafted by the grandfather and great-grandfather of Christine, giving the wine part of its unique identity.
All of these elements work together to give our champagnes their wonderful balance and smooth fruity aromas.

High Environmental

We still use the traditional ways of working the land, but we are also committed to new, scientific wine-making techniques:

We have received the certification HVE (High environmental value), we share their environment protection values and we set up several actions:

  • - Practice of sexual confusion so we don't have to use insecticides for 20 years.
  • - Maximal reduction concerning the number of treatments with a limit imposed by the HVE.
  • - Zero herbicide since 2013: plowing and leaving natural grass if we need.
  • - Planting grass in parcels prone to soil erosion and respect for biodiversity.
  • - Using only organic fertilizer.
  • - Maximum reduction of sulfites (no added after the harvest).
  • - Driving an electric car (e-Golf) for our short trips.

All of these techniques enable us to harvest healthy, high-quality grapes, which are the foundations for any great champagne.

The goal of all these actions are in order to reduce our environmental impact, but also to elaborate the most qualitative and natural champagnes as possible.