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Champagne PIOT SEVILLANO pique-nique
07.06 Event

19-20 of June: Independent winegrower picnic and great concert from the Tourist Office


Come and enjoy this year again our Open day during the Independant winegrower picnic event, 19-20th of June.


Because of the Covid, the picnic will be not traditionally the same as usually (with partners), but we invite you to come, like every year, with your own picnic or to book this of our partner Le P'tit Boursault (24 euros for adulte, 12 for kids). 

We will welcome you from 11 am to 5 pm for tastings of our rank of champagnes, and exceptionally of our coteaux champenois these very rare still wines from Champagne, that we produce in very tiny quantities. We will offer you, just these days, visits of our vines and cellars (for those who don't know our winery) and walkings in our vineyard.


Booking of the P'tit Boursault picnic or a seat if you come with your own picnic is to do by phone +33 (0)326582388 or by email It is very important indeed because of the Covid we are limited in seats.



We are happy to welcome you soon ...


For music lovers, you can stay on Saturday evening for a special concert suggested by the Tourist Office in our winery, with a glass of champagne and tapas, to book only online (20 euros)


Because of this event, our picnic day will finish really at 5 pm, thank you for your understanding. 



Starter: Salmon tataki salad, marinated with soy sauce, wakame seaweed & lemon mousse.

Dish: marinated chicken drumstick, slightly spicy (x2), potatoes & ratatouille.

Cheese: cheese gougères (x3) with salad.

Desert: Fresh fruits skewer.

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