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01.04 Event

Aromas Workshop - a playful introduction to the art of tasting !

We have elaborated this sensory workshop for curious people who crave playful olfactory discoveries. Authentic and friendly atmosphere guaranteed !


The idea was to gather aroud our senses to sharpen our knowledge and palates !


This accessible and enriching workshop is divided into three steps :

- An introduction to the structure of the month, the perception of aromas and flavours and the choice of tasting glasses

- A playful workshop about the recognition of aromas with aromatic home-made vials.

- An introduction to the art of tasting with three of our champagnes in blind tasting where you'll have to associate some aromas previousely identified. 


 A customized wine tasting notebook designed by us and a pencil will be given to you at the beginning of the activity and useful documents will be available.


Families with children are welcome because the game around the recognition of the aromas can please them. While parents will be tasting, coloring sheets will be given to your children and they will have the opportunity to enjoy our dedicated "school" area. 

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