Vigneron indépendant HVE
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Cuvée interdite
Limited edition

Cuvée Interdite

Delicacy and harmony
50% Chardonnay, 15% of which is oak-aged | 40% Meunier | 10% Pinot Noir

A more powerful, original and confidential name for a vintage of exception, which the blend and the aromas remain unchanges.

As one of our colleagues FORBADE us to use the brand Elégance, that he protected earlier, it is so naturally that our champagne has become the Interdite cuvée, which means Forbidden. A twinkle of eye that we have decided to register officially. It could not change now.

And as the human nature predisposes us to want always to break the rules, our cuvée will seem to you more delicious...

These words characterise this vintage of exception, which is subtly blend with 50% of chardonnay, which 15% in oak aged, 40% of pinot meunier and 10% of pinot noir.

This bottle nicely rounded on its basis is to offer or to reserve for great events.
Sold individually in a magnificent case personalized in its colors.

"An invigorating wine under the Elégance label; its subtle dosage brings out the fruity, mineral qualities, while the expressive palate in its youthful days holds our promise for the future."
Frédéric Pagneux, Advise wine waiter.

Matching Food and Wine :

- Sweet potato cappuccino and bacon salmagundi
- Aubergine and ricotta crumble with olive oil
- Scallop "espuma" with green tea

Rewards :